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Thieme endorses the STM Voluntary article sharing principles  to enable collaboration, professional relationships and advances in science and discovery. You can find detailed information, also on individual publishers’ sharing policies and in different languages, on

We want you to share your research with colleagues and maximize its visibility and impact, at every stage of publication. The below guidelines will help you to understand how you can share your articles, depending on the article version you wish to re-use.

DOI Link to the published article on Thieme-connect

One easy way to maximize the impact of your research is to share the DOI linking to your article on Thieme-connect with your colleagues, friends, business contacts, and on your institutional profile page. You can also increase awareness posting the link on social media or professional and academic networking sites.

Accepted Manuscript

You can share the peer-reviewed, accepted version of your article (Accepted Manuscript, AM) without any alterations or enhancements:


  • As part of a grant application or submission of thesis or doctorate
  • In invitation-only research collaboration groups via sites entered into an agreement with Thieme.   

After an embargo period of 12 months

  • On Scholarly Collaboration Networks (SCNs) which have signed up to the STM Voluntary article sharing principles
  • On not-for-profit hosting platforms such as your institutional repository, for example at your affiliated institution or non-commercial subject-based repositories, such as PMC, Europe PMC.

The Accepted Manuscript should always:

  • Include a link from your posted AM to the final published version on Thieme-connect via its DOI
  • Include the following text:
    "This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Thieme in Journal Title on Publication Date, available online at DOI"

Published Journal Article

We welcome you to always include a link to the final article as published (Version of Record) as it contains a DOI as permanent identifier and will help your fellow scientists and researchers to find, cite, and use always the final version of your article.

Subscription articles

You can also share the Version of Record on your non-commercial personal homepage or blog           

  • Directly by providing a copy upon request to your students or research collaborators for their personal use
  • If you want to share the Version of Record in any other way, please contact 
  • If you have chosen to publish your article as Gold Open Access, please see below.

Gold open access articles

If your articles has been published Gold Open Access under a CC-BY_NC-ND license, it can be copied, distributed, and displayed as long as

  • your work is given credit,
  • your work is not being modified
  • your work is used for a non-commercial purpose.

Other use cases

Please contact if you would like to share your work on a Scholarly Collaboration Network which has not signed up to the STM Voluntary article sharing principles –

  • on an e-learning platform
  • for any commercial purpose, on an institutional or company repository
  • in any other publication

For further information on Open Access please visit
For further information on Creative Commons licenses please go to

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