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Manuscript Submission

All manuscripts should be submitted via our online submission website.

To submit your manuscript, please click below and create your personal account first before uploading your article.

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Author Guidelines

For further information about publishing in this journal please click "Author Guidelines".


Graphical Abstract

We encourage Authors to submit Graphical Abstracts with their manuscript!

Please download the Powerpoint file with instructions and use it for creating your graphical abstract. In case you wish to use icons, plese use those available from the EJPS Icons Collection at the end of the Powerpoint. Additionally, you can download the medical icons font and install it on your computer should it not be automatically embedded. When submitting your Graphical Abstract, you may delete all other slides. 

Please note that we consider our slides work in progress: just let us know should you wish us to add anything, whether icon or symbol. You can contact us at ejps@thieme.com