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Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal

Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal is available as part of the Global Spine Journal.

Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal (EBSJ) is dedicated to finding, describing and developing the highest quality evidence for treating and managing spinal disorders. Published in partnership with AOSpine, from 2013 it is delivered exclusively along with its sister publication Global Spine Journal.

EBSJ focuses on comparative studies of effectiveness and seeks to stimulate further areas of high quality spine-related research. This peer-reviewed journal sets the stage for evidence-based practice and will influence the future of spine surgery for years to come.

EBSJ is a unique concept with regard to format and streamlined presentation of information. The goal is to provide an accurate, concise presentation of information that can be grasped at-a-glance by busy spine surgeons.

The primary form of the published research is streamlined to focus on and highlight the pertinent information and give the evidence-based bottom line. Additional web-based appendices allow the interested reader to obtain additional information, study data and to verify study components.

Open Access at Thieme is published under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives).

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