Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes

Publishing outstanding articles from all fields of endocrinology and diabetology, from molecular biology to clinical research in 10 issues annually, this journal is an outstanding resource. Since being published in English in 1983, both the impact factor and popularity of this journal have grown steadily, reflecting the importance of this publication within its field.

From molecular biology to clinical research, ECED covers all aspects of these fields. Case reports, original contributions and short communications appear in each issue along with reviews addressing current topics.

Thieme Award 2013 for the Best ECED Original Paper now decided!

Starting this year, Thieme awards every year the most promising paper published in ECED in the previous year. The decision of the jury – the Editors- in-Chief – is strictly based on scientific quality and on the interest that the paper has met with in the scientific community. The prize money is USD 2.000. This year, a paper by Zhang et al., Increased Plasma Levels of Nesfatin-1 in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, has won the race. Congratulations!

Click here to read the paper for free; here to read the laudation.


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