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You would like to document the research activity of your institute?

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IJSM supplement issues!

A series of supplements was published together with the regular issues of the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE (IJSM). According to the information of the editors and publishers, they were highly esteemed both by readers and authors of the journal. May we give an example:

A supplement issue can document the research activity of an institute, which is often required when applying for research grants. A supplement issue of IJSM might fulfil this purpose better than an individual report of an institute.

Some instructions for the organizer and the authors preparing these supplement issues are given below:

The head of the department or institute should select original papers dealing with a topic submitted by his co-workers or by colleagues from other groups. In an introductory chapter, he should define the aims of the studies. A conclusion with an evaluation of the results should indicate what is really new and has also been demonstrated experimentally referring to the literature.

The size of a supplement issue should be between 60 and 70 printed pages. There is no limitation on tables, figures, and references. The submission date is determined by the organizer, who is responsible for the supplement issue. Subsidies, which are necessary for financial support, should cover the printing costs. Details will be given by the publisher on request.

For the scientific control of the contents of the supplement issues, we suggest the following evaluation system: The department or institute should name two referees. If the referees accept to review the supplement but have different opinions about the conclusions, they should express their statements in a longer evaluation, which can be published together with the issue. Two other referees will be selected by the editor of supplements of the IJSM.

Supplement issues are distributed worldwide together with the regular issues of IJSM, which is listed in Index Medicus/Medline and in Current Contents/Life Sciences.

If you are interested in compiling a supplement to the IJSM, please send a short outline, together with information on submission date, references and financial support, to the responsible editor for the coordination of supplements:

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Appell Coriolano
Institut für Sportorthopädie
Deutsche Sportschule
Carl-Diem-Weg 6
50933 Köln

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