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DOI 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

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Exercise Training-induced Modulation in Microenvironment of Rat Mammary Neoplasms

Despite the importance attributed to exercise training in the breast cancer (BC) continuum, the underlying mechanisms modulating tumor behavior are unknown. We evaluated the effects of long-term moderate-exercise in the development of mammary tumors, and studied the microenvironment of infiltrative lesions, the amount of connective tissue, and balance between cellular proliferation/death.

Fifty Sprague-Dawley rats, randomly assigned into four groups: two control groups (sedentary and exercised) a...

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Sex- and Mode-specific Responses to Eccentric Muscle Fatigue

The primary purpose of the present investigation was to examine sex-related differences as a result of fatiguing eccentric muscle actions on torque, muscle blood flow, electromyography, and mechanomyography. Eighteen men and 18 women performed peak torque trials prior to (pretest), immediately after (posttest), and 5-min after (recovery) completing 50 submaximal (60% of eccentric peak torque), eccentric, isokinetic (180°·s1) muscle actions of the elbow flexors. Electromyographic and mechanomyog...

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Do Exercise Trials for Hypertension Adequately Report Interventions? A Reporting Quality Study

Non-pharmacological treatment, including exercise, is an important therapy option for patients with hypertension. The study assessed the reporting quality of exercise-based interventions included in the latest meta-analysis on that topic in order to evaluate the transferability of findings into clinical practice. Reporting quality of 24 randomised controlled trials from a meta-analysis assessing blood pressure lowering effects of endurance training in 1,195 hypertensive patients was evaluated us...

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Neuromuscular Parameters Predict the Performance in an Incremental Cycling Test

The aim was to determine the predictive capacity of neuromuscular parameters on physiological predictors of performance related to pedaling power. The sample comprised fifty elite cyclists. On the same day, they were given a neuromuscular evaluation with tensiomyography (TMG) and then performed an effort test on a cycle ergometer until exhaustion. The TMG recorded the maximum radial muscle belly displacement, contraction time, delay time, derivative normalized response speed, and lateral symmetr...

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