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DOI 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

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Post-exercise Hypotension Produced by Supramaximal Interval Exercise is Potentiated by Angiotensin Receptor Blockers

We studied the effects of supramaximal interval exercise (SIE) with or without antihypertensive medication (AHM) on 21-hr blood pressure (BP) response. Twelve hypertensive patients chronically medicated with AHM, underwent three trials in a randomized order: a) control trial without exercise and substituting their AHM with a placebo (PLAC); b) placebo medicine and a morning bout of SIE (PLAC+SIE), and c) combining AHM and exercise (AHM+SIE). Acute and ambulatory blood pressure responses were mea...

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C-Reactive Protein Serum Levels as an Internal Load Indicator of Sprints in Competitive Football Matches

This study compared internal load variable dynamics across three consecutive football matches and investigated its relationship with the number of sprints performed by players. Twenty-three male players had blood and salivary samples collected for hormonal concentration (testosterone, cortisol, and testosterone-cortisol ratio), and serum analysis (interleukin-6, interleukin-1-beta, and c-reactive-protein), respectively. Sprints were measured through Global Position System devices. Testosterone a...

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Periodized versus Non-periodized Stretch Training on Gymnasts Flexibility and Performance

Static stretching (SS) can increase joint range of motion (ROM), due to neural, morphological, and physio-psychological factors. Periodized training programs (PD) (e. g., strength, power) are adopted to induce greater adaptations while avoiding overtraining. However, the effectiveness of periodized stretch training adaptations are unknown. Therefore, the objective of this study was to compare the effects of periodized and non-periodized (NP) stretching programs on flexibility, hamstrings stiffne...

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Suspended Push-up Training Augments Size of not only Upper Limb but also Abdominal Muscles

We investigated the effects of sling-based, suspended push-up training on muscle size and function of upper limb and abdominal muscles. Eight men conducted suspended push-ups to failure 3 sets/session, 3 sessions/week, for 8 weeks. The maximum number of push-ups during training gradually and significantly increased from the first to last training session (+92%), suggesting improved muscle endurance. After the training, muscle thickness of the elbow extensors (+16%) and flexors (+3%), as well as ...

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