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DOI 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

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VO2 Steady State at and Just Above Maximum Lactate Steady State Intensity

Over recent decades the association between metabolic and gas exchange parameters during exercise has become evident. Different “thresholds” (such as lactate thresholds, critical power, EMG thresholds) and intensity domains appear to be linked to an upper limit of oxygen uptake steady state (V̇O2SS). The aim of this study was to investigate whether MLSS is associated with the upper limit for a V̇O2SS. Forty-five subjects underwent one incremental test and 4–6 30-minute MLSS tests on a cycle ergo...

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Regulation of Circulatory Muscle-specific MicroRNA during 8 km Run

Acute prolonged endurance running has been shown to alter muscle-specific circulating microRNA (miRNA) levels. Here, eighteen participants completed an 8 km run. We assessed the levels of hsa-miR-1–3p, -133a-3p, -133b, and -206 and their correlation with conventional biomarkers following exercise. Compared to before exercise (Pre), 8 km run significantly increased the lactate level immediately after exercise (0 h). Myoglobin (Mb) level increased at 0 h while creatine kinase (CK) level increased ...

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Heart Rate Variability in College Football Players throughout Preseason Camp in the Heat

We aimed to characterize cardiac-autonomic responses to a 13-day preseason camp in the heat among an American college football team. Players were categorized as linemen (n=10) and non-linemen (n=18). RHR, natural logarithm of the root-mean square of successive differences multiplied by twenty (LnRMSSD), and subjective wellbeing (LnWellness) were acquired daily. Effect sizes±90% confidence interval showed that for linemen, LnRMSSD decreased (moderate) on day 2 (71.2±10.4) and increased (moderate)...

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Kinesiotaping Diminishes Delayed Muscle Soreness but does not Improve Muscular Performance

This study aimed at determining the effect of kinesio-taping (KT) on muscle performance and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise induced muscle damaged. Sixty-six healthy men volunteered to participate (age:18–25 y/o), who performed 200 isokinetic lengthening contractions of the dominant quadriceps. Then subjects were randomized to either control (no treatment), sham (no tape tension), or KT (10% tape tension) groups. Muscle performance was assessed by peak torque and muscular wor...

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