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The IJSM provides a forum for the publication of papers dealing with both basic and applied information that advance the field of sports medicine and exercise science, and offer a better understanding of biomedicine. The journal publishes original papers, reviews and letters to the Editors.

DOI: 10.1055/s-007-33371

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Ausgabe 02 · February 2017

Physiology & Biochemistry

Eichhorn, Lars; Erdfelder, Felix; Kessler, Florian; Dolscheid-Pommerich, Ramona C.; Zur, Berndt; Hoffmann, Uwe; Ellerkmann, R. Ellerkmann; Meyer, Rainer : Influence of Apnea-induced Hypoxia on Catecholamine Release and Cardiovascular Dynamics
Brinkmann, Christian; Metten, Alexander; Scriba, Philipp; Tagarakis, Christos V. M.; Wahl, Patrick; Latsch, Jo; Brixius, Klara; Bloch, Wilhelm : Hypoxia and Hyperoxia Affect Serum Angiogenic Regulators in T2DM Men during Cycling
Dobbin, Nick; Hunwicks, Richard; Highton, Jamie; Twist, Craig : Validity of a Jump Mat for assessing Countermovement Jump Performance in Elite Rugby Players

Training & Testing

Han, Seunguk; Lee, Hyungkyu; Kim, Hyungkee; Kim, Dasol; Choi, Changkyu; Park, Jihong : A 6-week Sprint Interval Training Program Changes Anaerobic Power, Quadriceps Moment, and Subcutaneous Tissue Thickness
Smith, Cory M.; Housh, Terry J.; Zuniga, Jorge M.; Camic, Clayton L.; Bergstrom, Haley C.; Smith, Doug B.; Herda, Trent; Weir, Joseph P.; Hill, Ethan Cole; Jenkins, Nathaniel David Moyer; Schmidt, Richard J.; Johnson, Glen : Influences of Interelectrode Distance and Innervation Zone on Electromyographic Signals
Fink, Julius Etienne; Schoenfeld, Brad Jon; Kikuchi, Naoki; Nakazato, Koichi : Acute and Long-term Responses to Different Rest Intervals in Low-load Resistance Training
Papoti, Marcelo; da Silva, Adelino S. R.; Kalva-Filho, Carlos Augusto; Araujo, Gustavo Gomes; Santiago, Vanessa; Martins, LuizEduardo Barreto; Cunha, Sérgio Augusto; Gobatto, Claudio Alexandre : Tethered Swimming for the Evaluation and Prescription of Resistance Training in Young Swimmers
Libardi, Cleiton Augusto; Catai, Aparecida Maria; Miquelini, Maiara; Borghi-Silva, Audrey; Minatel, Vinicius; Alvarez, Ieda Fernanda; Milan-Mattos, Juliana Cristina; Roschel, Hamilton; Tricoli, Valmor; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos : Hemodynamic Responses to Blood Flow Restriction and Resistance Exercise to Muscular Failure
Homestead, Eric P.; Ryan, Benjamin J.; Goodrich, Jesse A.; Byrnes, William C. : Beneficial Effects of Cooling during Constant Power Non-steady State Cycling

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Dallinga, Joan; Benjaminse, Anne; Gokeler, Alli; Cortes, Nelson; Otten, Egbert; Lemmink, Koen : Innovative Video Feedback on Jump Landing Improves Landing Technique in Males
Blache, Yoann; Pairot de Fontenay, Benoit; Argaud, Sebastien; Monteil, Karine : Asymmetry of Inter-joint Coordination during Single Leg Jump after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

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