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International Journal of Sports Medicine

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Muscle Oxygenation Responses to Low-intensity Steady Rate Concentric and Eccentric Cycling

Muscle deoxygenation responses provide information about the training impulse of an exercise session enabling adaptation to be predicted. Our aim was to investigate muscle oxygenation profiles during prolonged low-intensity eccentric and concentric cycling. Twelve healthy men performed two 45-min exercise sessions of concentric (CON) and eccentric (ECC) cycling, matched for the same heart rate at the start of each session. Mechanical power output during ECC was ~2.5 times that of CON (210±40 W v...

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Response of Cerebral Blood Flow and Blood Pressure to Dynamic Exercise: A Study Using PET

Dynamic exercise elicits fluctuations in blood pressure (BP) and cerebral blood flow (CBF). This study investigated responses in BP and CBF during cycling exercise and post-exercise hypotension (PEH) using positron emission tomography (PET). CBF was measured using oxygen-15-labeled water (H215O) and PET in 11 human subjects at rest (Rest), at the onset of exercise (Ex1), later in the exercise (Ex2), and during PEH. Global CBF significantly increased by 13% at Ex1 compared with Rest, but was unch...

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Muscle Thickness and Passive Muscle Stiffness in Elite Athletes: Implications of the Effect of Long-Term Daily Training on Skeletal Muscle

To examine the effect of long-term daily training on athletes’ skeletal muscle, this study determined the relation between their muscle thickness and passive muscle stiffness, and compared the muscle thickness and muscle stiffness between athletes and non-athletes. Participants were elite Japanese athletes (278 men, 200 women) from various sports and non-athletes (35 men, 35 women). Rectus femoris (RF) muscle thickness was measured using B-mode ultrasonography and was normalized to the total bod...

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Confirming Maximal Oxygen Uptake: Is Heart Rate the Answer?

This study investigates heart rate (HR), in 11 young adults (22.4±3.21yr), at V̇O2max, to ascertain whether measured maximal heart rate (HRmax), as determined by a plateau in HR (HRplat), can reliably confirm V̇O2max. V̇O2maxand HRplatwere determined, using the parameters of a V̇O2≤50 ml•min−1and a ∆HR≤2b•min−1, respectively, over the final 60 s of sampling. V̇O2was also independently determined using a verification phase protocol. A HRplatwas achieved by 91% of participants (∆HR=1.3±1b•min−1) a...

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Lactate Threshold as a Measure of Aerobic Metabolism in Resistance Exercise
Domínguez, Raúl; Maté-Muñoz, José; Serra-Paya, Noemí; Garnacho-Castaño, Manuel

Physiology & Biochemistry

Muscle Oxygenation Responses to Low-intensity Steady Rate Concentric and Eccentric Cycling
Rakobowchuk, Mark; Isacco, Laurie; Ritter, Ophélie; Represas, Alicia; Bouhaddi, Malika; Degano, Bruno; Tordi, Nicolas; Mourot, Laurent
Response of Cerebral Blood Flow and Blood Pressure to Dynamic Exercise: A Study Using PET
Hiura, Mikio; Nariai, Tadashi; Sakata, Muneyuki; Muta, Akitaka; Ishibashi, Kenji; Wagatsuma, Kei; Tago, Tetsuro; Toyohara, Jun; Ishii, Kenji; Maehara, Taketoshi

Training & Testing

High-intensity Interval Training Frequency: Cardiometabolic Effects and Quality of Life
Stavrinou, Pinelopi; Bogdanis, Gregory; Giannaki, Christoforos; Terzis, Gerasimos; Hadjicharalambous, Marios
Functional Screening Tests: Interrelationships and Ability to Predict Vertical Jump Performance
Loturco, Irineu; Pereira, Lucas; Kobal, Ronaldo; Abad, Cesar; Komatsu, William; Cunha, Ronaldo; Arliani, Gustavo; Ejnisman, Benno; Pochini, Alberto de Castro; Nakamura, Fábio; Cohen, Moises
Potential Relationship between Passive Plantar Flexor Stiffness and Running Performance
Ueno, Hiromasa; Suga, Tadashi; Takao, Kenji; Tanaka, Takahiro; Misaki, Jun; Miyake, Yuto; Nagano, Akinori; Isaka, Tadao

Clinical Sciences

Muscular Strength is Independently Associated with Cystatin C: The KORA-Age Study
Volaklis, Konstantinos; Thorand, Barbara; Peters, Anette; Halle, Martin; Margot, Heier; Amann, Ute; Ladwig, Karl; Schulz, Holger; Koenig, Wolfgang; Meisinger, Christa

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Outcome of Low-Invasive Local Split-Thickness Lengthening for Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
Inoue, Hiroaki; Hara, Kunio; Arai, Yuji; Nakagawa, Shuji; Kan, Hiroyuki; Hino, Manabu; Fujiwara, Hiroyoshi; Kubo, Toshikazu

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