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DOI 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

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Effect of Lower Body Negative Pressure on Phase I Cardiovascular Responses at Exercise Onset

We hypothesised that vagal withdrawal and increased venous return interact in determining the rapid cardiac output (CO) response (phase I) at exercise onset. We used lower body negative pressure (LBNP) to increase blood distribution to the heart by muscle pump action and reduce resting vagal activity. We expected a larger increase in stroke volume (SV) and smaller for heart rate (HR) at progressively stronger LBNP levels, therefore CO response would remain unchanged. To this aim ten young, healt...

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Comparing Maximal Mean and Critical Speed and Metabolic Powers in Elite and Sub-elite Soccer

The quantification of maximal mean speed (MMS), maximal mean metabolic power (MMPmet), critical speed (CS) and critical metabolic power (CPmet) was conducted over full A-League (elite) and National Premier League (NPL; sub-elite) seasons. Comparisons were made between levels of soccer competition and playing positions (i. e. centre backs, full backs, central midfielders, wide midfielders and strikers). A symmetric moving average algorithm was applied to the GPS raw data using specific time windo...

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Effectiveness of Multi-activity, High-intensity Interval Training in School-aged Children

The present study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a school-based multi-activity HIIT on aerobic fitness (AF) and hemodynamic parameters in children. 46 students were randomized into an intervention group (INT) (N=22) and a control group (CON) (N=24). Throughout a 3-month intervention period, both INT and CON participated in the regular physical education classes (PE) twice a week. Only INT received an instructed HIIT during the first 20 min of the PE. In addition to an AF-test, peripheral...

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