Journal of Child Science

The Journal of Child Science (JCS) (formerly known as Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry) aims to be a world class Open Access journal, publishing the best papers from around the globe on all areas of child science. As the official publication of the World Society of Child Science, JCS reflects the over-arching aims of the society to apply the developments of the latest research in early diagnosis and treatments of childhood diseases, with an aim to decrease the high death ratio of children across the globe.

The following articles will be considered for publication: original articles, reviews, and case reports.

Topics covered in the Journal of Child Science include general pediatrics, pediatric subspecialties (adolescent medicine, allergy and immunology, cardiology, critical care medicine, developmental-behavioral medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, genetics, hematology-oncology, infectious diseases, neonatal-perinatal medicine, nephrology, neurology, emergency medicine, pulmonology, rheumatology), pediatric surgery, pediatric dentistry, pediatric hospitalist, medicine, public health, child health services, basic sciences, psychology, psychiatry, education, sociology, nursing.

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ISSN  2474-5871
Volume   7



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