Johannes Bessler, manual therapist, Dossenheim (D)
Dr. Claus Beyerlein, physiotherapist, manual therapist, Ulm (D)
Trisha Davies-Knorr, physiotherapist, manual therapist, Munich (D)
Sebastian Klien, manual therapist, Freiburg (D)
Fiona Morrison, physiotherapist, manual therapist, Rodgau (D)
Jan Herman van Minnen, physiotherapist, manual therapist, Bettlach (CH)
Jochen Schomacher, physiotherapist, manual therapist, Küsnacht (CH)

Scientific Advisory Board

F. van den Berg, PT/MT, Zell am Moos (A)
Dr. med. H. Biedermann, Köln (D)
Prof. Dr. J. Cabri, Oslo (N)
H. Dahl, PT/MT, Wremen (D)
Dr. M. Dirheimer, Blaustein (D)
B. Falkenberg, Iserlohn (D)
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. R. P. Franke, Ulm (D)
A. Gattermeier, PT/MT, Fürstenzell (D)
R. Gautschi, PT/MT, Baden (CH)
C. Gloeck, PT/MT, Seehausen (D)
Dr. E. Grill, MPH, München (D)
Prof. Dr. med. M. Jesel, Strasbourg (F)
L. Jörger, PT/MT, Bad Kissingen (D)
Dr. J. Kool, PT/Bew.-Wiss., Igis (CH)
Dr. sc. med. W. Laube, Feldkirch (A)
Dr. med. B. Memheld, Offenburg-Elersweier (D)
P. Oesch, PT/MT, Wangs (CH)
U. Schauer-Klatt, PT/MT, Freiburg (D)
T. Schöttker-Königer, PT/MT, Fürstenfeldbruck (D)
H. Stam, PT/MT, Zurzach (CH)
Prof. Dr. med. P. Villiger, Bern (CH)
P. Westerhuis, PT/MT, Langendorf (CH)
Prof. U. Wolf, PT/MT, Bochum (D)
F. Zahnd, PT/MT, Forch (CH)


Publishing House

Georg Thieme Verlag KG
Rüdigerstraße 14
D-70469 Stuttgart
Postfach 30 11 21
D-70451 Stuttgart



Manuscripts should be directly sent to:
Georg Thieme Verlag KG
Rosi Haarer-Becker, Redaktion manuelletherapie
Postfach 30 11 20, D-70451 Stuttgart
Fon +49[0]711/8931-848, Fax +49[0]711/8931-874
or to one of our editors.

For reasons of copyright, only previously unpublished manuscripts can be accepted. Manuscripts may not be simultaneously submitted for publication to other journals.

With the acceptance of a manuscript, the publishing house acquires, during the legal term of copyright (§ 64 UrHG), the exclusive rights of its exploitation according to § 15 of the german copyright law, in particular the right of translating, duplicating by photocopy or similar procedures, and further utilizing the text in form of an electronic data file. Contributions from free-lance journalists are excluded from this regulation.

Authors receive two free issues of the journal "manuelletherapie".



All rights are reserved during the legal term of copyright for the journal and for each individual contribution and illustration. Any use made of them outside of the boundaries of the german copyright law without explicit consent of the publishing house is inadmissible and liable to prosecution. This holds in particular for duplications, translations, microcopies, as well as storage and processing in electronic systems.



Photocopies for personal or other use may only be produced as single copies of individual contributions or parts of them.


Responsible for Advertisements

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D-70469 Stuttgart,

Postfach 30 08 80,
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Tel. (0711) 8931-0,
Fax (0711) 8931-470,


Important Note

Like any science, medicine is subject to continuous development. Research and clinical experience are constantly enlarging our knowledge, in particular with regard to treatment and medication, as well as to physiotherapeutical methods. As far as any dosage or method of application is mentioned in this journal, the reader may confidently rely on authors, editors and the publishing house to have very carefully checked these data in the light of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge at the time of completion of the paper. Nevertheless, the publishing house cannot give a guarantee for dosage instructions and methods of application. Any user is required to carefully read the instructions enclosed with preparations used and, if necessary, to consult an expert to ascertain whether any recommendation about dosage or regarding contraindications does not correspond with information given in this journal. Such a check is particularly important with respect to rarely used preparations or substances only recently introduced on the market. Any dosage or application is carried out at the user's own risk. The authors and the publishing house request all readers to inform them about any inaccuracies identified.

Registered tradenames (trademarks) are not particularly identified. According to this the absence of such a note does not imply that it is a free tradename.  

Note to our Readers

Thieme is very much interested in ensuring a reliable delivery of the journal subscribed. Changes od address should be sent to Occasionally, subscribers forget to inform about their new address after moving. In such cases, the German Federal Postal Services helps Thieme to find the new address. Subscribers who do not agree with this procedure are requested to inform the publishing house.


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