DOI 10.1055/s-00034924


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PSMA-negative prostate cancer and the continued value of choline-PET/CT

Owing to their superior uptake and higher detection rate, PSMA-labelled radioligands have largely replaced choline in routine clinical imaging of recurrent prostate cancer (PCa). Nevertheless, even at high PSA values, a small number of patients can present with PSMA negative prostate cancer (PC) lesions. For such patients choline PET continues to play an important role.

An 80 year old patient was referred to our institution for imaging eight years post prostatectomy due to biochemical recurrence ...

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3D printing of fillable individual thyroid replicas based on nuclear medicine DICOM data used as phantoms for gamma probe calibration

Aim  To proof the feasibility of manufacturing patient-indivdual (anthropomorphic) thyroid replicas from I-124 PET DICOM datasets by means of 3D printing. A possible field of application is the use of those phantoms for the calibration of gamma probes.

Methods  After editing of the DICOM datasets using several software types and transferring into a dedicated stereolithography format, 10 fillable thyroid replicas (35–200 mL) made of polylactide acid were manufactured via 3D printing. All replicas we...

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