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FAQ Regarding Template Use

  • Mac template: Are macros safe?

    The Mac template for Word 2011 and newer uses macros in order to support your work as much as possible, but is still fully functional with macros disabled. Copying this template to your Template Folder should not yield any warning stating that macros contained within the document may be harmful. It is nevertheless a good idea to scan this template with an up-to-date virus scanner before opening it in Word (as with any incoming Word document). If you feel insecure about using the macros, tell Word not to allow macros to execute by setting Word's security settings to the highest level (refer to your Word manual for a more detailed description of Word's security features). Under this highest security level, Word will not prompt you when it finds macros in a document or template, but instead will turn them off by default (note that this may also affect other templates and documents you might be using at your office). With the security level at 'Medium', Word will ask you if the macros should be executed; you should then deny this. 

  • Mac template: What are the drawbacks to disabling macros?

    If macros are disabled, you will have to set up AutoText as instructed within the template. 

  • Where can I find more information about Word and how to use it?

    Please visit for more information. 

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