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Medicinal Use of Different Cannabis Strains: Results from a Large Prospective Survey in Germany

Background Up to now, it is unclear whether different medicinalcannabis(MC) strains are differently efficacious across different medical conditions. In this study, the effectiveness of different MC strains was compared depending on the disease to be treated.

Methods This was an online survey conducted in Germany between June 2020 and August 2020. Patients were allowed to participate only if they received acannabis-based treatment from pharmacies in the form ofcannabisflowers prescribed by a physici...

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Perceptions, Experiences, and Patterns of Cannabis Use in Individuals with Mood and Anxiety Disorders in the Context of Cannabis Legalization and Medical Cannabis Program in Canada – A Qualitative Study

Introduction Perceptions of cannabis as a potential medical treatment for mood and anxiety disorders have been increasing in the context of legalizations, availability, and medical cannabis programs, though current evidence predominately indicates risks and negative effects of cannabis use (CU) on mental health outcomes. This study aims to understand motivations, perceptions, effects, and patterns of CU in individuals with mood and anxiety disorders.

Methods Thirty-six adult patients diagnosed with...

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Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Selected Mental Illnesses: Practical Approach and Overview of the Literature

Although an increasing number of patients suffering from mental illnesses self-medicate withcannabis, current knowledge about the efficacy and safety ofcannabis-based medicine in psychiatry is still extremely limited. So far, nocannabis-based finished product has been approved for the treatment of a mental illness. There is increasing evidence that cannabinoids may improve symptoms in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Tourette syndrome (TS), anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (P...

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Cannabidiol and its Potential Evidence-Based Psychiatric Benefits – A Critical Review

The endocannabinoid system shows promise as a novel target for treating psychiatric conditions. Cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring cannabinoid, has been investigated in several psychiatric conditions, with diverse effects and an excellent safety profile compared to standard treatments. Even though the body of evidence from randomised clinical trials is growing, it remains relatively limited in most indications. This review comprises a comprehensive literature search to identify clinical st...

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DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59588


Ausgabe 03 · May 2024Special Issue Medical Cannabis in Psychiatry


Müller-Vahl, Kirsten R.; Juckel, Georg : Medical Cannabis in Psychiatry

Original Paper

Szejko, Natalia; Becher, Eva; Heimann, Florian; Grotenhermen, Franjo; Müller-Vahl, Kirsten R. : Medicinal Use of Different Cannabis Strains: Results from a Large Prospective Survey in Germany
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