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We are pleased that you intend to publish an article in a Thieme journal.
Thieme is an international medical and science publisher of books, journals, electronic products and services. For many decades now, Thieme represents reliable quality and integrity. With your publication, you will benefit from a peer review on the highest level and you will reach a broad professional audience. Furthermore, you will receive a 20 % discount for authors on all Thieme books for 3 months.
To make the submission process as efficient as possible, some important information is given below.
We are looking forward to the submission of your manuscript!
Please note: We only accept manuscripts that have not yet been published or submitted elsewhere. If the content of your article has already been presented orally at a conference, please note this with reference to the type, place, and date of the meeting.
The corresponding author has to make sure that the remaining authors agree with the publication of the article in the version presented.
With the acceptance of the manuscript, the publisher acquires rights of use for the duration of the legal protection period.

Submitting your manuscript

Please submit your manuscript at

After submission, manuscripts pass through a single anonymized peer review process.

General authors’ guidelines

Please note the following general guidelines:


The following document provides a quick overview about the right form of citation in Thieme journals:


If you are working with a citation management software (Endnote, Zotero, Mendeley), please use the output style “Thieme-German”. It is available in the respective software or simply download it in our authors’ lounge.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept images that have already been published in books, journals, or electronic products of other publishers. That is because it is almost impossible to obtain the necessary rights of use even when licensing fees are paid. Therefore, please do not pay any licensing fees (e.g. to "RightsLink" / Copyright Clearance Center). Standard license contracts from “Creative Commons" are
unfortunately also insufficient for our purposes. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of images.

We cannot accept or store illustrations in which personal data of third parties are included. Please submit images in completely anonymous form, free of personal data only! Such data may not only be directly visible in the image (e.g., a patient name or a date of birth in an X-ray image); they can also be included in the metadata of the image, which is accessible with the appropriate software. They may also be obscured by a cropping feature (such as Powerpoint or Word), but can be made visible underneath. If you have questions about data protection regulations, please contact us before submitting your manuscript.

File format und general requirements

Please submit your material in the following form:

  • Text and tables: MS Word (*.doc, *.docx)
  • Figures: each figure as separate image file (*.jpg, *.tif, *.png), for drawings and graphics also MS Word or Powerpoint. Minimum resolution: 300 dpi at 8,5 cm width (1000 pixel width)
  • Videos: preferred file format *.mp4, *.avi or *.mov, file size max. 5 MB per video
  • Audio files: preferred file format *.wav
  • The text may contain enumerations in max. 3 levels.
  • Boxes: please always provide a title



Please indicate possible conflicts of interest by downloading, filling in and sending the following signed form to the publisher:


The personal rights of people who are recognizable on images must be protected. Please provide a written consent form for publication signed by every recognizable person. For persons under 18 years of age / persons supervised, please provide the signature of both parents / the legal guardian /supervisor. A suitable declaration of consent form can be obtained in our authors’ lounge.

Author’s correction, imprimatur, specimen copy

The corresponding author will receive the galley proofs as a PDF file. He is fully responsible for the correctness of the final version that he / she releases for publication. After sending in the copyright transfer agreement, changes by the authors are no longer possible.

After publication, the corresponding author receives a free electronic reprint (PDF file). Authors may use it for the professional exchange with colleagues and are free to upload the file on their personal homepage. Please note that all further use of this PDF is subject to approval by the publisher. Especially any commercial use or deposition of the file in repositories (e.g. document servers of libraries and other institutions) is prohibited.


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