New zest for life with Viva Mayr

Helena Frith Powell, british journalist an author

Can chewing really change your life? Well, it has changed mine. Before meeting Doctor Stossier for the first time, I had a slightly disturbed eating behavior and a stressful relationship with my digestion and was diagnosed with IBS.

When I finally met Doctor Harald Stossier, sitting in his consulting room at the Viva Mayr clinic on the shores of Lake Wörthesee in southern Austria, he explained that just by chewing more (and making another few simple changes in my eating habits) I could lose weight, age better, feel better, put an end to any digestive problems, sleep better, have more energy, clearer skin, concentrate on my work more effectively, eliminate my pot belly and avoid major illnesses and diseases such as heart attacks and asthma. It seems a small price to pay for such a huge reward. As you can imagine, I was keen to find out more.

The Viva Mayr mantra is that good digestion equals good health. Doctor Stossier estimates that up to 90 per cent of us are wandering around with irritated intestines, which if left alone can result in diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. He reckons that almost all chronic illnesses we suffer from are caused by problems in our intestines. If he’s right, how come no one else is on to this?

What I learned during my stay at Viva Mayr was that various diseases are caused by problems in our gut. Sometimes people will live perfectly happily for 20 years doing the same thing and then suddenly are taken ill with, for example, diabetes. Rather shocked, the patient then assumes this is something new, but it’s not. It’s a slow process that has been building up for years and years and which culminates in the disease. If you look at a tree, for example, its health and strength does not come from its leaves, it comes from its roots, and you can’t see whether the roots are sick. Our intestines are our roots .If they are weakened, so is the rest of the organism.

Since meeting Dr. Stossier and following the Viva Mayr diet my weight has remained constant (I am now just a little over the same weight I was at university, even though I have had three children) and that in itself is enough to keep me motivated to chew. But of course there is more to the Viva Mayr Diet than just staying thin. It also cured my insomnia and my embarrassing bloating vanished. I feel more energized, focused and my skin is firmer and definitely more glowing as is my hair. Some patient reported that it even improved their eyesight. In short I feel and look a lot better than I have done in years. This is because the diet is not only focusing on what you eat, it is about how you eat and live. Changing your everyday habits will make a huge difference.

It is about your health as well. When you eat a certain food it doesn’t go directly to the cells of your body as nutrition. Our cells wouldn’t know what to do with it. Our digestive system has to turn the food we eat into a nutrient. And how effectively it does that depends on how effectively you digest. Rather than saying “you are what you eat”, Dr Stossier and followers of Mayr Medicine would say: “You are what you digest”.

The most important thing you need to do is to chew your food – really, really well. Once you have swallowed it, you have lost control, and if you swallow it almost whole like most of us do, you are putting a huge amount of strain on your system. As Dr Stossier puts it, “It is ridiculous to ask your stomach to chew for you, that’s why you have teeth.” He suggests we chew each mouthful around 40 times, until it is liquid. It takes time to train yourself to chew properly.

My main concern to begin with was that I would go out for dinner with friends and still be chewing while they had gone home to bed, but I was fine. I just focused more on what I was doing with my food than usual. In fact, watching other people wolfing down their food inspired me. I sat there smugly chewing, knowing how much healthier I was going to be at the end of the meal than them. Another advantage of chewing more is that it the sends message to your brain that you have had enough food, so you automatically eat less.

The central message is that while food in itself is important, we need to abandon the notion that food itself defines the quality of nutrition. It is not the food that defines it, it is you.

Viva Mayr has certainly spring cleaned me physically and emotionally. Highly recommendable for daily use. Since my last visit all my blood results have been tip top, and I have never felt better after introducing the top rules of the Modern Mayr Philosophy into my daily life. Viva Mayr is a diet which really works and a philosophy for life which gets amazing results on all levels.

Es gilt das gesprochene Wort.

München, Januar 2012