Science of Synthesis gets a content boost with Thieme’s latest SOS 4.11 release

Stuttgart, August 2018 – Science of Synthesis 4.11, the latest release of Thieme’s knowledge base for synthetic methodology, features insights on carbolines and S,S-acetals as well as catalytic reduction. The update consists of a reference library volume as well as a new Knowledge Update, comprising approximately 970 pages of new content.

Knowledge Update starring carbolines and S,S-acetals

Available a mere two weeks after publication of the hard copy, Knowledge Update 2018/2 features a major new chapter on carbolines or pyrido[X,Y-b]indoles by J. A. Joule. The chapter covers the synthesis of all four regioisomeric heterocyclic systems found in both natural products and pharmaceuticals. Highlights of this release also include an introductory chapter on S,S-acetals by T.-Y. Luh and M.-k. Leung describing their use as protecting groups for carbonyl compounds and as alternative functional groups for further transformations. Also included are new knowledge-base chapters on the synthesis of 1,3-dithietanes and 1,3-dithiolanes by T.-Y. Luh, M.-k. Leung, and C.-M. Chou, as the latter are particularly important as masked carbonyl compounds.

The new Knowledge Update volume comprises a total of approximately 500 printed pages representing the most up-to-date and reliable synthetic methods. SOS Knowledge Updates are governed by clearly defined criteria for method selection as well as established editorial processes. Due in great part to this discerning and continuous updating process, SOS prevails as one of the most up-to-date evaluated electronic reference works available, emphasizing the most significant developments in synthetic methodology.

Reference Library continues with catalytic reduction

Following the addition of the first volume with SOS 4.10 in March, SOS 4.11 now expands the Reference Library with Catalytic Reduction in Organic Synthesis, Vol. 2 edited by J. G. de Vries. This volume, like Volume 1, includes the latest developments in the field of catalytic reductions. In addition to covering both heterogeneous and homogeneous catalytic systems, Catalytic Reduction in Organic Synthesis offers a good representation of enantioselective methodology. Comprising 468 printed pages, Volume 2 focuses on carbonyl group reductions, with contributions on the reduction of aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids and derivatives. Also covered are important reductions of specific functional groups including nitriles, azides, and nitro compounds.

With expert evaluated content focusing on subjects of particular current interest, the SOS Reference Library complements the SOS Knowledge Updates to make SOS the complete information source for the modern synthetic chemist.

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