Science of Synthesis 4.14 now available

Stuttgart, July 2019 – With its latest release 4.14, available now, Thieme’s Science of Synthesis continues to be the definitive and up-to-date reference resource for reliable synthetic methods for the chemistry community. The new release includes approx. 500 printed pages on gold catalysis, lithium amides, isoquinolines and more. Direct links to Thieme Chemistry’s discovery tool SynOne facilitate an intuitive in-depth research.

Once again, Thieme releases the most relevant developments in synthetic methodology to be included in the latest Knowledge Update for SOS 4.14. Science of Synthesis is continuously updated with high-quality content using clearly defined criteria for method selection as well as established editorial processes. The Editorial Board, in conjunction with the volume editors and expert authors, reviews the whole field of synthetic organic chemistry as presented in Science of Synthesis and evaluates significant developments in synthetic methodology.

Dual approaches in gold catalysis

The combination of gold catalysis and enzyme, organic, or transition-metal catalysts can lead to unprecedented reactivity, unlocking a world of possibilities. In recent years such dual approaches have received much attention. A new chapter by I. Celik, S. Hummel and S. F. Kirsch reviews this trending field thoroughly and presents key developments.

New light on lithium amides

Among the highlights of Knowledge Update 2019/1 is a completely revised chapter on lithium amides (C. T. Nieto, J. Eames, N. M. Garrido). It provides an in-depth look at the synthesis and application of achiral and chiral lithium amides, focusing in particular on the use of chiral lithium amides in asymmetric processes.

Major update on isoquinolines

Also featured in the latest SOS release is a major update on isoquinolines, isoquinoline N-oxides and isoquinolinium salts. The chapter by B. S. Pilgrim and M. J. Tucker places special emphasis on ways to synthesize these important heterocyclic systems through transition-metal catalysis.
Chapters on the synthesis of imidic acids, isoureas, guanidines and their respective derivatives (J. Podlech) complete the update.

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