JNLS-B: Skull Base Cover

JNLS-B: Skull Base

From 2012, Skull Base is available as part of the Journal of Neurological Surgery

Skull Base offers readers an interdisciplinary perspective on the common practices of physicians involved in the management of patients with skull base disease. An integral part of the Journal of Neurological Surgery, this peer-reviewed journal publishes original research articles as well as reviews and technical notes addressing specific clinical problems relative to the skull base.

Highlighting new technologies and surgical innovations, the journal draws upon the clinical and experimental expertise of surgeons and researchers approaching skull base pathologies from different fields. JNLS Part B: Skull Base is an invaluable resource for all skull base surgeons, including those specializing in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, neuro-opthalmology, neuro-radiology, neurosurgery and plastic surgery.

JNLS Part B: Skull Base publishes six issues per year which are available to subscribers as part of the Journal of Neurological Surgery. The other part of the Journal of Neurological Surgery is JNLS Part A: Central European Neurosurgery that also publishes 6 issues per year. In addition, print subscribers receive 2 archival print issues of JNLS Reports, an open-access journal for neurosurgical and skull base case reports.

JNLS Part B: Skull Base is the official organ of the North American Skull Base Society, European Skull Base Society, German Skull Base Society, British Skull Base Society, Japanese Skull Base Society and Korean Skull Base Society.

The Journal of Neurological Surgery is available in print and online. Articles published ahead of print are available via the eFirst service on the Thieme E-Journals platform.


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