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Effects of an 8-Week In-Season Upper Limb Elastic Band Training Programme on the Peak Power, Strength, and Throwing Velocity of Junior Handball Players

Background  Team handball is an intense sport with special requirements on technical and tactical skills as well as physical performance. The ability of handball players to make repeated powerful muscular contractions in pushing and throwing the ball is crucial to success.

Objective  This study investigated the effects of elastic band training on upper body peak power output, ball throwing velocity, and local muscle volume of junior handball players.

Materials and Methods  Thirty handball players (a ...

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Functional Deficits in the Wrist and Finger Joints of Goalkeepers After 20 Years of Playing Recreational Football

Background  Long-term damage in the hip, knee and ankle joints of football players has been thoroughly discussed in the literature. Compared with outfield players, however, goalkeepers sustain injuries to the upper extremities five times more often. There is a lack of studies on long-term functional damage to the wrist and finger joints of football goalkeepers.

Hypothesis  Repetitive micro-traumas and injuries lead to degenerative diseases in goalkeepers after 20 years of playing recreational socce...

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