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Upcoming Special Issues

Sustainable solvents for synthesis and catalysis
Anant Kapdi, Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy
Open for submissions
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Sustainable solvents have become a promising alternative to traditional organic solvents in recent years for organic synthesis, due to their tunable properties, high solvation power, green chemistry credentials, and diverse applications. This special issue aims to highlight the latest advancements, and innovative approaches related to the use of sustainable solvents for organic synthesis including but not limited to Water, Ionic liquids, Supercritical fluids, Deep eutectic solvents, Green solvents derived from biomass, Fluorous solvents, Solvent-free and solvent-minimized reactions, new solvent systems for specific organic transformations, Solvents for catalysis and reaction optimization, Application of sustainable solvents in pharmaceutical synthesis, Advances in the understanding of solvent-solute interactions and mechanistic understanding of reactions in unconventional solvents.

Deadline for submissions: 31st October 2024

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