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General Guidelines

  • If you intend to submit a manuscript, please inform the corresponding (guest) editor first, remembering to include the title of your manuscript and the article type (e.g. Account or Letter).
  • Upon approval by the (guest) editor, you may submit your manuscript according to the author instructions.
  • Please include the title of the Cluster and the corresponding editor during the submission process.

Upcoming Topics


11th EuCheMS Organic Division Young Investigator Workshop (YIW2019)
Susanne Haak / Stefanie Baumann
Deadline: closed
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This Special Section includes contributions from the participants of the 11th EuCheMS Organic Division Young Investigator Workshop.


Conference Special Issue (ISySyCat2019)
Anthony Burke
Deadline: closed
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This Special Issue includes contributions from the participants of the International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis 2019.


Modern Heterocycle Synthesis and Functionalization
Tom Rovis (Send e-mail) /
L.-C. Campeau
Deadline: August 31, 2020
Link to the virtual issue coming soon

The Cluster will cover the synthesis of various heterocycles that take advantage of modern tools and disconnections. As importantly, derivatization of available heterocycles is a powerful and complementary strategy. Manuscripts that describe either of these approaches will be considered for inclusion in the Cluster. 


The Power of Transition Metals:
An Unending Well-Spring of New Reactivity  

Gary Molander / Fiona Shortt de Hernandez (Send e-mail)
Deadline: June 30, 2020
Link to the virtual issue coming soon

In 2020, Science of Synthesis will celebrate its 20th anniversary. At the San Francisco ACS National Meeting (August 16–20, 2020) a symposium takes place to celebrate 20 years of Science of Synthesis but also the career of Prof. Barry Trost and his many contributions to organic synthesis. It is with great pleasure that we mark this anniversary of the founding of this reference work with a Special Issue in SYNLETT, which we would like to dedicate Prof. Barry Trost.


Radicals – by Young Chinese Organic Chemists
Ang Li (Send e-mail) / Chen Zhu
Deadline: July 31, 2020
Link to the virtual issue coming soon



Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis
Benjamin List (Send e-mail) /
Connor W. Coley
Deadline: August 1, 2020
Link to the virtual issue coming soon

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are currently substantially growing in all areas of chemistry but a Cluster devoted to applications in chemical synthesis and catalysis, despite the particularly tremendous potential of ML and AI in these areas, has been missing. If you are an active researcher in this field we invite you to contribute. 


Nickel in Catalysis
Rubén Martin (Send e-mail) /
Gary Molander
Deadline: July 31, 2020
Link to the virtual issue coming soon

Taking into consideration the exponential growth in 'modern nickel-catalyzed reactions' to rapidly build up molecular complexity from simple precursors via one- or two-electron manifolds, it became clear that a Cluster in SYNLETT would be appropriate to highlight the outstanding possibilities that this field might offer to the community. Indeed, 'modern nickel-catalyzed reactions' has emerged as an invaluable methodology with numerous applications, ranging from classical synthetic organic (organometallic) chemistry to photoredox catalysis or even biologically-oriented endeavors. Therefore, we have decided to undertake this task and invite you to contribute to our Cluster by reporting on your most exciting work from your laboratories.


Integrated Synthesis Using Continuous-Flow Technologies
Yasuhiro Uozumi (Send e-mail) / Shinichiro Fuse
Deadline: July 31, 2020
Link to the virtual issue coming soon

This Cluster covers combinations of integrated synthesis and continuous-flow synthesis that can avoid handling of unstable, dangerous, or odorous intermediates and can reduce the number of work-up and isolation steps for realizing efficient organic synthesis. Novel reactions, methods, reagents, catalysts, and equipments that will contribute to the integrated flow synthesis are also welcome.


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