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SynOpen is an international, single-anonymous peer-reviewed journal reporting current research results in chemical sciences. It provides the community with open access content, mainly but not exclusively, in the areas of synthesis, catalysis, organometallic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, photochemistry, polymer and materials synthesis. SynOpen offers the opportunity to publish both experimental and theoretical studies as well as to publish scientific primary data. We also publish insightful review articles intended for new researchers as well as specialists in this field.

Main areas covered in SynOpen:

  • Synthetic Methodologies
  • Asymmetric Synthesis and Catalysis
  • Catalytic Methods for Synthesis
  • Inorganic and Organometallic Synthesis
  • Natural Products Synthesis and Total Synthesis
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design
  • Biosynthesis and Biocatalysis
  • Synthetic Photochemistry
  • Synthetic Electrochemistry
  • Solid-state Synthesis
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Supramolecular Synthesis and Self-Assembly
  • Mechanochemistry
  • Automation in Synthesis
  • Computational Methods in Synthesis and Machine Learning
  • Processing Techniques and Scalability
  • Recycling Processes and Sustainable Synthesis


SynOpen generally uses Select Crowd Review for reviewing manuscripts. For crowd reviewing, we are constantly looking for new highly motivated crowd members.
Please contact if you want to learn more about Select Crowd Review or send your CV if you are interested in joining.


The following article types are published in SynOpen:


  • Original Papers
    cover original research which has not been previously published, except in the form of an abstract or preliminary communication.


  • Letters
    are preliminary reports of new research results whose significance to the scientific community justifies rapid communication.


  • PSPs (Practical Synthetic Procedures)
    are useful and reliable procedures of interest for both academic and industrial chemists presented in a compact form.


  • Reviews and Short Reviews 
    are critically evaluated recent developments and updates in a specific area of high interest to the readership providing a concise assessment of the current state of the art and an outlook on future developments.


  • Graphical Reviews
    provide a concise overview of a current topic, highlighting historical background/origins of a research area and cutting-edge contributions along with the most recent developments. Text should be limited to a minimum. In preparing graphical reviews, authors should ask themselves how they would prepare lecture notes on the topic. For an example, see here. Authors wishing to submit a graphical review are requested to first contact Prof. Thierry Ollevier.


  • Spotlights
    (up to 3 template-based pages, including tables and graphics) highlight the preparation and uses of selected reagents and methods in current research, so the bulk of references should be from the recent literature (2015 onward). It is a review-type article and therefore should not contain any unpublished results.


Special attention should be paid to the SynOpen Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

As an open access publication, all articles in SynOpen are made freely available immediately upon publication for all to read and download from Thieme E-Journals.

SynOpen is indexed in: Directory of Open Access Journals, Emerging Sources Citation Index, Scopus, EBSCO, ProQuest

All SynOpen articles are also available in the Researcher App.

This journal is published under the Creative Commons license CC BY.


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