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Manuscript Templates

The manuscript templates for SYNTHESIS are provided to ease both manuscript preparation for authors and the peer-reviewing process for referees. Although it is not compulsory, you are strongly encouraged to use the manuscript templates. By doing so, you will be able to insert and arrange figures, schemes, and tables within the text. Slight deviations compared to the final layout may occur during the in-house production process, but the print preview of the manuscript template provides a very close representation of the final published document. Depending on the software package you are using, please choose and download the appropriate files from the following list: 

Windows – Word 2007 and Later

Mac – Word 2016 and Later/Office 365

Mac – Word 2011 and 2008

Windows/Mac – Word 2004, 2003 and Earlier

Note that only a previous version of the template is available for earlier versions of Word, and although still acceptable for manuscript preparation, does not reflect the current journal layout.

Additional Information

The Key Word List is available through ScholarOne Manuscripts upon submission.

In the event of problems downloading or using the templates, please consult the FAQ section or contact Dr. Selena Boothroyd by e-mail at Be sure to mention your operating system, version of Word, and the article type you are preparing.


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