• Dr. Leo Betschart   –   Member of the SOS Advisory Board

    Dr. Leo Betschart, ETH Zurich – New Member of the SOS Advisory Board


New SOS Advisory Board Member

Dr. Leo Betschart, Scientific Information Consultant in Chemistry at the ETH Zürich, has been appointed to the Advisory Board for Science of Synthesis.

Dr. Betschart studied for his MSc and PhD at the ETH Zürich and spent time at both Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (Basel, Switzerland) as well as in K. C. Nicolaou’s group at the Scripps Research Institute in the USA during his studies. He recently completed a postdoc as the University of British Columbia.

The Members of the Advisory Board are consulted regularly regarding the development of the electronic product. Members have significant experience of chemical information systems in both industry and academia.

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