Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022

Twenty-four contributions have been published in 2022. These comprise:

  • A chapter covering the preparation and synthetic applications of Silyltin Reagents (H. Yoshida) as a revision of the original SOS contribution.
  • An update on Silylmethyl Anions (Y. Sumida and H. Ohmiya) describing advances in their use as nucleophiles, metalation reagents, reductants, and stabilization ligands for other metals.
  • Recent developments in methods for the synthesis of Propargylsilanes (O. Jackowski and A. Perez-Luna).
  • A revised review of Metalated Tin Compounds (C. Marschner), focusing on the main strategies for synthesizing monostannides and related compounds.
  • Available strategies for the preparation of Stannylenes (N. Takeda), including substitution reactions of tin(II) compounds, insertion or migration transformations, and reduction of tetravalent tin compounds.
  • Key developments in reported methods for the synthesis of Quinolinones and Related Systems (V. L. M. Silva, D. C. G. A. Pinto, C. M. M. Santos, and D. H. A. Rocha) in a comprehensive update covering quinolin-2(1H)-ones, quinolin-4(1H)-ones, and their thio- and amino derivatives.
  • An update chapter on the synthesis of Cyclopropanes (X. Tang), including advances in the use of visible-light photoredox catalysis to prepare these ring systems.
  • Revised and updated coverage of some classes of fused phosphorus heterocycles, namely Benzo[b]phospholes, Benzo[c]phospholes, and Phosphorus Analogues of Indolizines (R. A. Aitken) including some new strategies for their synthesis.
  • Advances in the synthesis of Quinolines (U. Sharma, R. Kumar, S. S. Gupta, and D. Chandra), which covers strategies such as condensations, annulations, metal-catalyzed approaches, oxidations, cyclizations, and tandem reactions.
  • Reviews relating to strategies for the synthesis of 1,3-dienes: one on Three-Component Coupling Reactions that Generate 1,3-Dienes (S. E. Sloane, K. T. Behlow, M. D. Mills, and J. R. Clark) and one on Conjugated Diene Synthesis by Rearrangement of 1,3-Dienes to 1,3-Dienes (M. D. Mills and J. R. Clark).
  • A review on Synthesis and Applications of Acridinium Salts (V. Hutskalova and C. Sparr), which covers recent progress in methods for their preparation, as well as an overview of their uses, most notably as photocatalysts.
  • A series of four update chapters on Porphyrins and related compounds [Chlorins (Dihydroporphyrins); Bacteriochlorins and Isobacteriochlorins (Tetrahydroporphyrins), and Hexahydroporphyrins; and Contracted, Isomeric, and Expanded Porphyrins and Carba and Hetero Analogues], which cover the basic strategies for the construction and modification of porphyrinoid cores (N. Jux, F.-P. Montforts, and E. Haake).
  • An examination of recently reported methods for the Synthesis of Ketones by Oxidation of Alkanes (V. C. S. Santana, L. S. Munaretto, and E. C. de Lucca, Jr.), which includes metal-catalyzed, photochemical, and metal-free approaches.
  • A new chapter on Cyclic Diacyl Peroxides (Y. A. Barsegyan, V. A. Vil’, N. C. O. Tomkinson, and A. O. Terent’ev), focusing on the synthesis of phthaloyl, malonoyl, and diphenoyl peroxides as well as their varied applications as oxidation reagents.
  • An update on Alkylphosphonium Salts (T. Ayad, J.-L. Pirat, and D. Virieux), including fluorinated and chiral phosphonium salts, phosphonium-based frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs), and applications in phase-transfer catalysis.
  • Update chapters on Pentacoordinated Phosphoranes and Hexacoordinated Phosphates (R. Pajkert and G.-V. Röschenthaler).
  • Review of recent key developments in the varied Applications of Allenes in Organic Synthesis (M. A. Tius).

Table of Contents:

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022/1
Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022/2
Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022/3


Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022/1
Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022/2
Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2022/3

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