Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2016

Seventeen updated, revised and new contributions have been published in 2016 as part of the Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates. Highlights include:

  • A major new chapter on azaindoles (J.-Y. Mérour and B. Joseph), which are also known as pyrrolopyridines. These molecules are relatively rare in nature, but synthetic derivatives have been shown to possess extensive biological activity. The chapter reviews a wide range of methods for the synthesis of all four isomeric isoindole frameworks as well as methods for the elaboration of the preformed heterocyclic core.
  • A new chapter on radical-based palladium-catalyzed bond constructions (Y. Li, W. Xie, and X. Jiang) that illustrates how palladium(I) and palladium(III) species can be employed as active intermediates in the synthesis of a wide variety of organic molecules.
  • Chapters on C(sp3)-H functionalization by allylic C-H activation of zirconocene complexes and the synthesis and reactivity of heteroatom-substituted vinylzirconocene derivatives and hetarylzirconocenes (A. Vasseur and J. Bruffaerts).
  • A practically useful chapter on the role of solvents and additives in reactions of samarium(II) iodide and related reductants (T. V. Chciuk and R. A. Flowers, II) describing how tuning of conditions can affect reactivity and selectivity.
  • Updates on various types of acetals including carbohydrate derivatives containing O,N-acetals (T. Nokami), O,P-acetals (K. Murai and H. Fujioka), acyclic S,S-acetals (A. Tsubouchi), acyclic and cyclic S,S-acetal S-oxides and S,S'-dioxides (A. Ishii), selenium- and tellurium-containing acetals (M. Yoshimatsu), and N,P- and P,P-acetals (T. Kimura).
  • A major update on the synthesis of pyridines, pyridinium salts, and pyridine N-oxides (D. Spitzner) covering new synthetic approaches as well as improvements and extensions to previously reported methods. 
  • Updates on the synthesis of alkyl fluorides by substitution of metals (M. Shevchuk and G.-V. Röschenthaler), carbon (J. Desroches and J.-F. Paquin), or hydroxy functionalities (M. Vandamme and J.-F. Paquin), as well as updates on the synthesis of propargylic (J.-D. Hamel and J.-F. Paquin) and benzylic fluorides (P. A. Champagne, M. Drouin, and J.-F. Paquin).

A complete overview of all update content published in 2016 is given in the tables of contents and abstracts (please see below).


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