The Benefits of Publishing in Thieme Chemistry Journals

We provide a fast, fair and high-quality service for our authors throughout the publishing process. With our focus on chemical synthesis and related areas we guarantee you very high visibility within the scientific community. We offer:

Article-Related Services

  • Color-printed pages are available without any additional charges.

Editorial Service

Our editorial team of PhD chemists and production editors provides excellent service with a personal touch. Our copyeditors ensure a consistent language, style, and format as well as content consistency, preparing your manuscript for the next stage of publication.


A Fair and Fast Review Process

  • The reviewing process is handled by our highly respected editorial board members.
  • In SYNLETT and SynOpen, you have the option to choose between classic peer review and select crowd review, which is a fast, interactive, and safe review process.
  • To make the review process as time-efficient as possible, we cooperate with respected services and tools, such as Enago and Publons.

Open Access Publication

  • If you prefer to publish open access in hybrid journals (SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT) you can choose between Green and Gold Open Access.
  • Article publication charges (APCs) for our open access journals include a choice of CC BY-NC-ND or CC BY (small extra fee).

Prizes & Awards

We want to ensure that you will be able to continue to produce excellent research in the future. Therefore, we actively support researchers through our award program.



Increased Visibility

  • Depending on the quality of your research and graphical abstract, your article might be selected as front cover of an issue by our editors.
  • We regularly post content from our journals, e.g. editor’s choice articles, on our social media channels to increase the potential reach of your publication.
  • We promote your contributions to our Special Issues/Topics and Clusters as well as the most-cited articles in our weekly newsletter and on social media.
  • Your Original Papers and Letters have a chance of being highlighted by our editors in SYNFACTS.
  • Your articles have a chance of being chosen as highlight in our news service SYNFORM, which includes interviews, literature coverage with further background information, and more. All SYNFORM articles are available free of charge to our readers.

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