Four aspiring young chemists win Poster Prizes at BOS 2018

Four young chemists win Poster Prizes at BOS. Lūkass Lukašēvics, Justina Šulgaitė, Stephen Lock and Livia Matt were honored with SYNFACTS Poster Prizes.

At this year's Balticum Organicum Syntheticum, which took place in Tallinn, Estonia, from July 1-4, these four young chemists were awarded SYNFACTS Poster Prizes in different categories:

Best Lithuanian Poster
Justina Šulgaitė
"Synthesis of Functionalized dNTPs for Enzymatic Applications"

to Justina Šulgaitė's poster

Best Latvian Poster
Lūkass Lukašēvics
" Ritter-type Amination of Carbenium Ions Generated by Directed Protonolysis of Cyclopropane "

to Lūkass Lukašēvics's poster

Best Estonian Poster
Livia Matt
"Synthesis and Polymerization of Isosorbide Monomethacrylates"

Best International Poster
Stephen Lovelock

Read more about the Balticum Organic Syntheticum here.

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