Interview with Lukasz Pilarski

This Young Career Focus presents Lukasz T. Pilarski (Uppsala University, Sweden).

SYNFORM presents an interview with Lukasz T. Pilarski (Uppsala University, Sweden). Lukasz Pilarski studied chemistry at the University of Bristol (UK) where he received both his MSc (2004) and PhD degrees (2009). For the year prior to his viva voce exam, he was a ‘pre-doc’ in the group of Professor David Cole-Hamilton at the University of St Andrews (UK). In 2009, Lukasz moved to Stockholm University in Sweden and joined Professor Kálmán Szabó’s group as a Carl Trygger postdoctoral fellow. In 2011, Lukasz received a generous Young Researcher grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), which allowed him to establish his own group at Uppsala University (Sweden). In 2016, Lukasz received the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award and became Associate Senior Lecturer (Biträdande Lektor).

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