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SYNFORM is available as part of the online editions of SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT and SYNFACTS via Thieme E-Journals. This supplementary feature is available free of charge and presents people, trends, and views in synthetic organic chemistry with direct links to all quoted original papers. 

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Remote C–H Bond Functionalization of Cyclic Amines

Weijie Chen provides a Graphical Review on developments in C–H bond functionalization of cyclic amines.

Versatile Synthons in the Synthesis of Heterocycles

Mark Mitton-Fry presents recent highlight on the use of aryl methyl ketones in heterocycles synthesis in a Graphical Review.

C–H Bond Functionalization of Amines

Daniel Seidel summarizes recent results on C–H bond functionalization of amines in form of a Graphical Review.

Interview with Laurence Harwood and Daniel Seidel

This Editorial Board Focus presents the views of Laurence Harwood and Daniel Seidel on the journal SynOpen.

Total Synthesis and Activity of Stemoamide-Type Alkaloids

Takaaki Sato describes the synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of stemoamide-type alkaloids.

meta-C–H Arylation of Anisole Derivatives

M. Ángeles Fernández-Ibáñez shows the direct synthesis of meta-arylated anisoles by reversing the conventional site-selectivity.

Interview with Markus Kärkäs

This Young Career Focus presents Markus D. Kärkäs (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).

Palladium-Catalyzed trans-Hydroalkoxylation

Jérôme Waser reports on the counterintuitive use of an aryl iodide additive in C–H bond forming reactions.

Interview with Sandip Murarka

This Young Career Focus presents Sandip Murarka (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India).

Catalytic Reductive Ring Opening of Epoxides

Junichiro Yamaguchi shows the use of zirconocene and photoredox catalysis in ring-opening reactions.

Doubly Stereoconvergent Crystallization Enabled by Asymmetric Catalysis

Jeffrey Johnson reports on a crystallization method using asymmetric catalysis.

Synthesis of N-Aryl Aziridines

David Powers describes the use of N-aminopyridinium reagents in olefin aziridination reactions.

A Selenide Catalyst for the Activation of Alkenes

Yao Wang reports on the activation of alkenes by weak interactions using a selenide catalyst.

Interview with Kevin Cariou

This Young Career Focus presents Kevin Cariou (Chimie ParisTech, PSL University, France).

Highly Sterically Hindered Peptide Bond Formation

Yujiro Hayashi achieved the synthesis of extremely sterically hindered peptides.

Chiral α-Amino Acids through Stereocontrolled 1,3-Nitrogen Migration

E. Meggers and S. Chen describe the synthesis of chiral α-amino acids through 1,3-nitrogen migration.

Organocatalytic Stereoselective Cyanosilylation of Small Ketones

B. List and G.-J. Cheng report on the stereoselective cyanosilylation of small ketones catalyzed by organic acids.

Enantioselective Au(I)/Au(III) Redox Catalysis

Nitin Patil shows how new chiral (P,N)-ligands enable the gold-redox-catalyzed 1,2-difunctionalization of alkenes.

Cross-Electrophile Coupling of Alkyl Halides

Kimberly See and Song Lin describe electrochemically driven cross-electrophile coupling of alkyl halides.

Interview with Agnieszka Nowak-Król

This Young Career Focus presents Agnieszka Nowak-Król (Universität Würzburg, Germany).

Concise Syntheses of GB22, GB13, and Himgaline

Ryan Shenvi presents a concise method for the synthesis of GB22, GB13, and himgaline.

Catalytic Remote Hydrohalogenation of Internal Alkenes

Guosheng Liu reports on the remote oxidative halogenation of alkenes under palladium catalysis.

Azacorannulene Dimer as Diaza[80]fullerene Fragment

Shingo Ito describes the synthesis of a useful fully conjugated azacorannulene dimer.

Interview with Saihu Liao

This Young Career Focus presents Saihu Liao (Fuzhou University, P. R. of China).

Full-Nitro-Nitroamino Cooperative Action

Siping Pang reports on a new strategy to design an unprecedented type of fully nitrated benzene.

Kinetic Resolution of Cyclic Benzylic Azides

Lei Liu presents the kinetic resolution of cyclic benzylic azides by C(sp3)–H oxidation.

Interview with Steven D. Townsend

This Young Career Focus presents Steven D. Townsend (Vanderbilt University, USA).

Amino-oxetanes as Amide Isosteres

James Bull describes amino-oxetanes as amide isosteres by an alternative route from sulfonyl fluorides.

Remote Steric Control for Undirected meta-Selective C–H Activation of Arenes

Laurean Ilies and Sobi Asako present the steric control for undirected C–H activation reactions of arenes.

Enantioselective Cu(I)-Catalyzed Borylative Cyclization of Cyclohexadienones

Rambabu Chegondi describes mechanistic insights of the borylative cyclization of enone-tethered cyclohexadienones.

A Photoredox-Catalyzed Approach for Formal Hydride Abstraction

Patricia Musacchio reports on the C(sp3)–H functionalization with nucleophilic partners supported by photoredox catalysis.

Interview with the SYNTHESIS Best Paper Award Winners 2021

Ryan Gilmour gives background information to his award-winning paper on a new catalytic approach to the heptafluoroisopropyl group synthesis.

Insertion of Ammonia into Alkenes

Xu Cheng describes the synthesis of Aromatic N-Heterocycles from alkenes and ammonia.

Radical Differentiation of Two Ester Groups in Unsymmetrical Diazomalonates

X. Peter Zhang reports on a highly asymmetric olefin cyclopropanation using a radical differentiation method.

Interview with Hongli Bao

This Editorial Board Focus presents Hongli Bao (Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, CAS, P. R. of China).

Interview with the SYNLETT Best Paper Award winners 2021

Elizabeth Jarvo tells the story behind her award-winning paper on new developments in the synthesis of fluorinated cyclopropanes.

Unlocking the Friedel–Crafts Arylation of Primary Aliphatic Alcohols

J. Moran and D. Lebœuf describe Friedel–Crafts reactions of primary aliphatic alcohols and epoxides with various arenes.

11-Step and Scalable Total Synthesis of Hamigeran M Enabled by Five C–H Functionalizations

Mingji Dai presents the first total synthesis of anticancer natural product hamigeran M.

Interview with Julian G. West

This Young Career Focus presents Julian G. West (Rice University, USA).

Hydroxylamine-Mediated C–C Amination

Stephen Hashmi reports on the hydroxylamine-mediated C–C amination via an aza-Hock rearrangement.

Enantioselective Synthesis of Ammonium Cations

Matthew Kitching describes the synthesis and importance of ammonium cations.

Interview with Hyo Jae Yoon

This Young Career Focus presents Hyo Jae Yoon (Korea University, Republic of Korea).

Oxidative Cleavage of C–C Bonds in Lignin

Joseph Samec presents a new way to oxidatively cleave C–C bonds in lignin.

Directed Ni-Catalyzed Arylamination of Unactivated Alkenes

Chao Wang reports on a regio- and diastereoselective arylamination of unactivated alkenes.

Triflate-Mediated α-Amination

Guangbin Dong presents a method for carbonyl 1,2-transposition through α-amination.

Site-Selective Radical Disulfuration of Carboxylic Acids

Derek Pratt reports on the radical disulfuration of carboxylic acids with trisulfide-1,1-dioxides.

Interview with Yiming Wang

This Young Career Focus presents Yiming Wang (University of Pittsburgh, USA).

Synthesis of Medicinally Relevant Oxalylamines

Huanfeng Jiang and Wanqing Wu describe a Cu/Lewis acid catalyzed synthesis of medicinally relevant oxalylamines.

Switching On Prodrugs Using Radiotherapy

J. Geng and M. Bradley describe the use of radiotherapy to activate antitumor prodrugs.

Iron-Catalyzed Arene C–H Hydroxylation

Wei Han presents results of highly selective iron-catalyzed arene C–H hydroxylations.

Photomediated Ring Contraction of Saturated Heterocycles

Richmond Sarpong reports on the photomediated ring contraction of saturated heterocycles.

Interview with Yuuya Nagata

This Young Career Focus presents Yuuya Nagata (Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan).

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