• From left: Estefanía Capel, Andreu Vidal-Albalat, Florenci V. González and Santiago Rodríguez (Universidad Jaume I at Castelló, Spain)


New Synthesis of Morpholines and Benzoxazines

Florenci V. González describes the synthesis of morpholines and benzoxazines from nitroepoxides.

Preparation of Morpholines and Benzoxazines Starting from Nitroepoxides: E. Capel, A. Vidal-Albalat, S. Rodríguez, F. V. González
Synthesis 2016, 48, 2572–2580

Nitroepoxides constitute very reactive, yet easily accessible, starting materials which have not been extensively studied and used in organic synthesis so far. Recently, the group of Professor F. V. González from the Universidad Jaume I at Castelló (Spain) has described in a Feature article the use of nitroepoxides for the efficient diastereocontrolled synthesis of anti-morpholines and syn-benzoxazines. 

  • Synthesis of morpholines and benzoxazines


Professor González said: “Nitroepoxides represent valuable building blocks for the preparation of heterocycles. In the paper we report the synthesis of morpholines and benzoxazines by the treatment of nitroepoxides with aminoalcohols.”

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