Ten aspiring young chemists win poster prizes at OMCOS 20

Many congratulations to the ten talented chemists from all over the world who received Thieme poster prizes at OMCOS 20!

At this year's Organometallic Catalysis Directed Towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS), which took place in Heidelberg, Germany, from July 21-25, these young researchers were awarded Thieme poster prizes in different categories:

• Valentin Müller
• Chao Hu
• Woo-Jin Yoo
• Jungnoon Kim
• Peshaw Osw (poster on Sustainable Synthesis of Novel Small Molecules with D-π-(A or D)-π-D Architectures for Organic Photovoltaics)
• Antonio Mezzetti
• Martin Berger
• Shoghan Mondal
• Jan Seliger
• Mathias Turberg

All of them received a copy of ‘Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Synthesis’ including the prize certificate. We look forward to hearing about their research results in the future. Congratulations!
Read more about the Organometallic Catalysis Directed Towards Organic Synthesis here


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