Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates – New Volume Editor

Renzo Luisi joins the team as editor of content relating to organolithium-, -sodium, and -potassium chemistry

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Renzo Luisi, of the University of Bari (Italy), has joined the team of editors for the Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates series, where he will be responsible for future content relating to Volume 8 on Compounds of Group 1 (Li...Cs).


The original Volume 8 of Science of Synthesis was published in 2006, edited by Professors Victor Snieckus and Marek Majewski. The scope of this volume covers organometallic compounds of the group 1 metals, which includes the synthesis of organolithium, -potassium, and -sodium species, and their applications as reagents in organic synthesis.



Renzo Luisi is Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Bari “A. Moro” in Italy. He graduated summa cum laude in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Bari (Italy) in 1996, and received a PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2000. He was appointed Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry in 2005 and Full Professor in 2020. His research interests have focused on organometallic chemistry (mainly organolithium chemistry), boron, fluorine and sulfur chemistry, the synthesis and reactivity of small heterocycles, asymmetric synthesis, and dynamic NMR spectroscopy. Recently, his interests have shifted towards sustainability in modern synthesis by using flow chemistry and enabling technologies. He has published more than 150 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, several book chapters, and reviews. In 2022 he was the recipient of the award “Organic Chemistry and Methodological Aspects” from the Division of Organic Chemistry – Italian Chemical Society. He is also International Coordinator of the Horizon Europe Project SusPharma - Merging Sustainable and Digital Chemical Technologies for The Development of Greener-By-Design Pharmaceuticals.

To find out more about Renzo Luisi and his research group, click here.

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