Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed Olefination via Carbonyl Reductive Cross-Coupling

Chao-Jun Li reports on an efficient Ru-catalyzed synthesis of olefins via carbonyl reductive cross-coupling.

Efficient construction of carbon–carbon double bonds is a central subject in synthetic chemistry. The direct reductive coupling of naturally ubiquitous carbonyl compounds offers a tremendous synthetic potential for the synthesis of olefins, yet the catalytic carbonyl cross-coupling reaction remains largely elusive. Recently, a new paper describing an innovative ruthenium(II)-catalyzed, hydrazine-mediated olefination reaction via direct carbonyl reductive cross-coupling was published by the group of Professor Chao-Jun Li at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). His group has developed a new and efficient catalytic method for olefin synthesis, which possesses a distinct mechanistic profile and highlights the use of abundant carbonyl functional groups.

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