• Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis

    Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis


Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis

Oxidation is a key transformation in organic synthesis and an indispensable tool in the strategic construction of molecules. It has found countless applications, and the already enormous number of different transformations continues to grow steadily. This volume aims to provide an accurate description of the current evolution of the field and its emerging concepts. They will shape the future development of the field of oxidative transformation and define future standard applications.

The focus in the field of oxidation chemistry has rightly moved from the development of novel transformations to the recognition of the general importance of green chemical processes. These important aspects have been a continuous quest over recent years, and significant future efforts are still required. This demands that forthcoming developments must identify ideal catalysts that display optimal selectivity, employ green oxidants, work in ecologically acceptable solvents, and enjoy combined high activity and long lifetime. These criteria apply to homogeneous catalysis in any of the fields of transition-metal catalysis, organocatalysis, and enzymatic catalysis.
The volume is divided into two major parts. The first part covers important trends in current oxidation methodology development, with chapters on photocatalytic oxidation, hypervalent iodine catalysis, the use of water as a source of oxygen, dehydrogenation, and biomimetic transformations. The second part of the volume is then devoted to individual oxidative transformations (allylic oxidations, alkene epoxidation/dihydroxylation, α-oxidation of carbonyl compounds, etc.).


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Prof. Kilian Muñiz

Prof. Kilian Muñiz Volume Editor Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Tarragona, Spain

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