• Science of Synthesis Category 4

    Science of Synthesis Category 4


Science of Synthesis Category 4

Compounds with Two Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds e.g. Aldehydes; Ketones; Heteroatom Analogues of Aldehydes and Ketones; Quinones and Heteroatom Analogues; Acetals; Arene-X Compounds; X-Ene-X, Ene-Hal, and Ene-O Compounds; Ene-X Compounds

This category presents the methods for the synthesis of organic compounds organized according to the functional group or groups prepared in the product. The underlying organizational principle is the oxidation state i.e. all compounds are organized into product classes and product subclasses according to descending oxidation state.


Vol. No.   Volume Title  Volume Editor Year
25 Aldehydes (TOC) Brückner (Preface) 2006 
26 Ketones (TOC) Cossy (Preface) 2004 
27 Heteroatom Analogues of Aldehydes and Ketones (TOC) Padwa (Preface) 2004
28 Quinones and Heteroatom Analogues (TOC) Griesbeck (Preface) 2006
29 Acetals: Hal/X and O/O, S, Se, Te (TOC) Warriner (Preface) 2007 
30 Acetals: O/N, S/S, S/N, and N/N and Higher Heteroatom Analogues (TOC) Otera 2006
31a Arene—X (X = Hal, O, S, Se, Te) (TOC) Ramsden (Preface) 2007
31b Arene—X (X = N, P) (TOC) Ramsden (Preface) 2007
32 X—Ene—X (X = F, Cl, Br, I, O, S, Se, Te, N, P),Ene—Hal, and Ene—O Compounds (TOC) Mulzer (Preface) 2008
33 Ene—X Compounds (X = S, Se, Te, N, P) (TOC) Molander (Preface) 2006
Index Category 4 Cumulative Index  Backes Drayton 2009


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