Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2012

44 Updated, revised and new contributions were published in 2012 as part of the Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates. Highlights include:

  • A new chapter surveying a selection of the most recent advances in the chemistry of α-lithiated epoxides and aziridines - L. Degennaro, F. M. Perna, and S. Florio
  • A new chapter about the synthesis of aryl and hetaryl nitriles by metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. Attention is focused mainly on key methodologies published in the period 2003-2011 - D. M. Rudzinski and N. E. Leadbeater
  • A new chapter covering methods for the synthesis of 1,2,3-trithioles, 1,23-benzotrithioles, and a range of eleven different analogues with one or more sulfur atoms replaced by selenium or tellurium - R. A. Aitken
  • An update of the organometallic complexes of gold chapter. This is a comprehensive review of asymmetric transformations catalyzed by gold salts published between 2005 and 2011 - M. J. Campbell and F. D. Toste


A complete overview of all updated content published in 2012 is given in the tables of contents and abstracts.


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