Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates 2015

Thirty updated contributions were published in 2015 as part of the Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates. Highlights include:

  • Updates on the synthesis and applications of organometallic complexes of platinum (A. Nomoto and A. Ogawa) and on the applications of organometallic complexes of iridium (H. Li and C. Mazet).
  • A significant update on the synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles (A. C. Tomé), focusing on the addition of azides to alkynes and alkenes in “click chemistry”, which has received much interest in recent years.
  • Updates on the synthesis of phthalazines (T. J. Hagen and T. R. Helgren) and quinazolines (F.-A. Kang and S.-M. Yang), both classes of nitrogen heterocycle that have received much interest from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Updates on the synthesis of oxygen- and phosphorus-substituted alkynes (M. H. Larsen, M. Cacciarini, and M. Brøndsted Nielsen) and nitrogen-substituted alkynes (K. Banert).
  • An update on nitrosoalkenes (H.-U. Reissig and R. Zimmer), which covers new methods for the synthesis of these generally unstable compounds along with their applications, particularly in cycloadditions and 1,4-additions.
  • Updates on the synthesis of various non-aromatic phosphorus-containing heterocycles (Gy. Keglevich and A. Grün).
  • A series of updates on various new approaches to the synthesis of haloalkanes by substitution of hydrogen atoms (J. Iskra and S. S. Murphree), metals or carbon functionalities (M. C. Elliott and B. A. Saleh), and other halogens or oxygen functionalities (F. V. Singh and T. Wirth), or by addition across carbon–carbon multiple bonds (U. Hennecke).
  • An update on silyl hydrides, covering both synthesis and applications of these compounds (R. W. Clark and
    S. L. Wiskur
  • A major update on the synthesis of vinylsilanes, with a particular emphasis on metal-catalyzed methods 
    (E. A. Anderson and D. S. W. Lim).
  • Updates on fluoroarenes (A. Harsanyi and G. Sandford) as well as chloroarenes (S. P. Stanforth) and bromoarenes
    (S. P. Stanforth), compounds that are of great importance in cross-coupling chemistry.
  • An update on the chemistry of hypervalent iodoarenes and iodonium salts, including significant new developments such as their in situ generation and use in catalytic reactions, application as recyclable reagents, and the synthesis and application of chiral hypervalent reagents (V. V. Zhdankin).
  • An extensive update on arylphosphine oxides and heteroatom derivatives including many new and traditional methods for the synthesis of arylphosphine oxides, and also new coverage of arylphosphine sulfides and selenides and aryl(imino)phosphoranes (O. M. Demchuk, M. Stankevič, and
    K. M. Pietrusiewicz


A complete overview of all update content published in Knowledge Updates 2015/1 and 2015/2 is given in the table of contents and abstracts (please see below).


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