Release 4.6

Release: SOS 4.6, December 2016


  1. Upload CDX: An “Upload CDX” option now replaces the “Use ChemDraw” function enabling the easy upload of .cdx (ChemDraw) files.
  2. Structure/Reaction Searching Optimized: The structure/reaction searching module has been optimized further so that the identification of relevant results and their overall ranking has been improved.
  3. Result List Shows Structures/Reactions: The default format of the reaction search hit list (Results tab) now presents the expanded view with the reactions and structures visible.
  4. Filter Order: The filter order on the Results tab has been changed so that the best results are listed first
    (structure/reaction search).
  5. Explore Contents Default: The Explore Contents default has changed so that the SOS category folders are closed and the Special Topics folder is open (expanded). This means that the user can now immediately see any new content available covering hot topics in organic synthesis.
  6. Search Tips: Search tips for a citation search, DOI search, and, structure/reaction search have been included on the Query tab. It is also possible to hide the search tips if the user prefers.
  7. Bug Fixing: Reported bugs fixed and general improvements to product software.


New: Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates – This release includes the Addition of 2 new update volumes (approx. 1000 pages)

For more details please see here (pdf).

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