Interview with Markus Kärkäs

This Young Career Focus presents Markus D. Kärkäs (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).

Markus D. Kärkäs received his MSc degree from Stockholm University (Sweden) in 2008 and his PhD from the same university in 2013. Following that he moved to the University of Michigan (USA) as a postdoctoral fellow. In late 2016, he returned to the Department of Organic Chemistry at Stockholm University. In August 2018, he joined the Department of Chemistry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor in March 2022. His research interests include photocatalysis, organic electrosynthesis, and transition-metal catalysis. He was awarded a Bürgenstock fellowship in 2018 and is a recipient of the 2022 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award.

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