Photochemical Flow Synthesis of Pyrazolines from Tetrazoles

Photochemical Synthesis of Pyrazolines from Tetrazoles in Flow: A. Burke, S. Spiccio, M. Di Filippo, M. Baumann
Synopen 2023, 7, 69–75

Click chemistry continues to attract enormous attention across the organic and biomedicinal chemistry communities. In particular, novel technologies and applications of click chemistry hold promise for further breakthroughs in drug discovery and molecular imaging. A recent example in this context has been reported by the group of Professor Marcus Baumann from University College Dublin (Ireland) who developed a photochemical flow-chemistry approach to the synthesis of pharmacologically important pyrazolines via click reaction between tetrazoles and acrylic acid derivatives, such as esters, amides and nitriles.


Professor Baumann said: “The developed photochemical click approach to these drug-like heterocyclic targets is significant, as the fully contained and small foot-print flow set-up allows to safely and efficiently scale these reactions to make gram quantities in short time without the chemist being exposed to the high-intensity light source which conveniently drives this reagent-free transformation.” 

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