Synthesis of Squaric Acid Monoamides as Building Blocks for Drug Discovery

Synthesis of Squaric Acid Monoamides as Building Blocks for Drug Discovery: N. Long, A. Le Gresley, A. Solomonsz, A. Wozniak, S. Brough, S. P. Wren
SynOpen 2023, 7, 401–407

In drug design, the creation of a new molecule with similar biological properties to the parent bioactive compound having unwanted properties – such as low metabolic stability, toxicity, or poor solubility – is an important strategy. Bioisosteric replacements are surrogate structural functions that mimic the original chemical groups responsible for these unwanted properties. A frequently used bioisosteric modification is to replace a carboxylic acid group with another function, and the development/validation of novel bioisosteres of a carboxylic group is an important goal in medicinal chemistry. Recently, the group of Dr. Stephen P. Wren from Kingston University (Kingston upon Thames, UK) reported the efficient synthesis of squaric acid monoamides, which are among the most interesting bioisosteres of carboxylic acids.


Dr. Wren said: “This work describes the preparation of functionalized building blocks that could be used by any medicinal chemistry team for the construction of novel drug candidates.” 

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