• Crowd-based peer review by Benjamin List (SYNLETT Editor in Chief)


1 paper, 72 hours, 100 reviewers: Intelligent Crowd Review

We are delighted to have Professor Benjamin List, SYNLETT Editor-in-Chief, from the Max-Planck-Institute for Coal Research (Mülheim, Germany), featured in a World View for Nature, discussing his development of a crowd-based peer review system.

Today, peer review is a core element of the scientific process and one of the most important things in today's research situation is to deliver speed into the academic publishing process without compromising quality or integrity. On this occasion, we have brought together brilliant researchers and concepts with an exciting new tech development to further enhance not just SYNLETT, but potentially the wider scientific community. Over 100 qualified reviewers comment one paper within 72 hours – how that worked out for the first 10 pilot papers, you can read in the full article Crowd-based peer review can be good and fast by Ben List (World View, Nature 2017, 546, 9; 01 June 2017).

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“The team here at Thieme is thrilled that the concepts and developments, led by our Editor-in-Chief Ben List and executed by the SYNLETT Editorial team and Filestage are being featured in Nature. Thieme has a strong history of collaborating with the research community to deliver excellent and high quality content and we are focused on using new technologies and opportunities to further enhance the research process and deliver the best possible publishing experience to our world-class authors going forward”, claims Caroline Birkle, Managing Director at Thieme Chemistry.

For this innovative tech development we partnered with a media start-up, Filestage. Please have a look at their page and find out more about Crowd Review: http://welcome.filestage.io/secure-crowd-review

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