Promising chemists win Poster Prizes at SupraChem 2022

At this year's SupraChem, which took place in Mainz, Germany, July 3-5, 2022, Yevhenii Shchukin, Xiaoyao Chen, and Elie Benchimol were awarded with Thieme Poster Prizes. Learn more about their research below.

Xiaoyao Chen

Technical University Munich, Germany

A New Strategy to Induce Self-assembly with A Carbodiimide-fueled Reaction Cycle


Elie Benchimol

Technical University Dortmund, Germany

Controlling self-sorting in coordination cage systems


Yevhenii Shchukin

University of Ulm, Germany

Dynamic Covalent Self-Assembly of Bi- and Tripodal Architectures


Read more about the SupraChem 2022 here.

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