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Barry Trost Symposium at the ACS Fall 2022

At this year's ACS Fall Meeting, Thieme Chemistry and Science of Synthesis host a symposium on ‘The Power of Transition Metals: An Unending Well-Spring of New Reactivity’ in honor of Prof. Barry Trost (Stanford University, CA, USA) who is a founding member of Science of Synthesis and an active member of the Science of Synthesis Editorial Board.

Title: The Power of Transition Metals: An Unending Well-Spring of New Reactivity

Date: Sunday, August 21, 2022

Time: 2-6 PM (CDT)

Place: W176c (McCormick Place Convention Center)

Here’s an overview of the agenda, speakers and topics of the symposium (all times in CDT):

2:10 PM

Simplifying (het)arene cross–coupling reactions with nickel and visible light

presented by Burkhard Koenig (University of Regensburg)

2:45 PM

Late-stage functionalizations

presented by Tobias Ritter (MPI für Kohlenforschung)

3:20 PM

Concepts and catalysts for selective reactions

presented by Dean Toste (University of California, Berkeley)

4:05 PM

Transition metal-catalyzed amination reactions

presented by Kami Hull (University of Texas at Austin)

4:40 PM

Technology development to enable the advancement of novel therapeutics

presented by Margaret Faul (Amgen Inc.)

5:15 PM

Challenge for total synthesis: Atom economy

presented by Barry Trost (Stanford University)

Read the detailed abstracts of each talk here.

The organizers and chairs of this symposium are:

  • Prof. Gary Molander (University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA)
  • Dr. Fiona Shortt de Hernandez (Thieme Group, Germany)
  • Dr. Steven Silverman (Merck & Co Inc, NJ, USA)

Join us for this extraordinary line-up of speakers on Sunday, August 21, 2022! 

In March 2021, we published the SYNLETT Special Issue ‘The Power of Transition Metals: An Unending Well-Spring of New Reactivity’ dedicated to Prof. Trost and 20 Years of the Thieme reference work Science of Synthesis. Learn more!

In November 2020, we hosted a virtual SOS symposium honoring and featuring Prof. Trost, including talks by three of his alumni (Prof. Janine Cossy, Prof. Nuno Maulide, Prof. Mark Lautens). Learn more about the virtual symposium here or watch the recording.


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