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Strengthen yourself against the stresses and strains of daily life!

Is the stress of everyday life becoming too much for you? Does everything seem gloomy and pointless? Do you feel overwhelmed, or do you lack the drive to get on with life?

Then you are not alone. Around one fifth of all adults in Germany encounter mental strain during the course of their lives. With professional help and support, however, you can manage these phases in your life.

How can this work?

Our brains develop behavioural patterns that allow us to cope with stress. These patterns help us to overcome the challenges of everyday life. In the same way that we develop positive patterns we also form negative cycles of thought.

We can defeat negative cycles of thought when we know as much as possible about the structure, manifestation and cycle of our thoughts.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a way of getting to know your cycles of thought. This approach assumes that the way in which you think is crucial to how you feel, behave and react physically.

The objective of the therapy is to make you aware of these ways of thinking and to make you examine your own world of thoughts. The goal is for you to correct irrational thought processes and attitudes using the appropriate interpretations, for example. At the same time, restructuring your daily routines and creating positive experiences also help.

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We are here to help and support you in coping with your mental strain!