• Persönliche Geschichten


I had a really tough childhood.

There were happy moments when I was just allowed to be a child, but those moments were rare. We lived in an apartment in a social housing project and money was always a problem. I left school when I was young and ended up working at a bookmaker. I didn't have much money, but I had my own apartment and moved in with a guy I had got to know at work. We married within a year and had two children. After a few years, I gradually realised that our relationship wasn’t going so well. Looking back, I’d say we rushed into marriage. We both felt the same and got divorced a year ago

Our children had great difficulty coming to terms with our divorce

They didn't understand why we could no longer live together as a family. I felt that I had let them down. My friend, Sarah, told me that she had gone to a psychologist when she was having trouble coping with her divorce. She had gained some knowledge and techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy. Therefore, I also arranged an appointment.