• Persönliche Geschichten


My whole life turned upside down

Everything was going really well for me: My wife and I had bought a house, and we moved into it shortly before the birth of our daughter Isabel.

After that, my whole life suddenly turned upside down. I was working as an electrician, and I had a job at a nearby supermarket. I had to work early in the mornings and late in the evenings when the supermarket was closed. One day I wanted to install an outdoor light quickly, but I didn't notice the ice on the pavement. Before I could do anything, my ladder slipped out from underneath me.

I injured my back so severely that I was no longer able to work. Six months later, things were still the same. My wife was very supportive. She worked very hard to get the family through. But I felt that I had lost my independence. I couldn’t even do simple things anymore. For example, I couldn't even help get my wife's groceries out of the car. I felt worthless.

My friend told me that I seemed very down

One day, my friend Robert told me that I seemed very down. He thought it might be depression. At first, I was shocked, but then it seemed plausible. I was always a light-hearted guy, but now, everything was different. When I spoke to my family doctor, he suggested cognitive behav