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Here you‘ll find guidelines, templates, editing tips, and other resources that will help you give your paper the best chance of acceptance.

Guide Scientific Journals

Read these Guidelines for Scientific articles

*Authors are advised to check the specific journal instructions before submitting their papers. 

Editing Tips

Endnote Style for Journals (Please download the file and integrate the style in Endnote!)


You can use Enago's services for substantive editing, copy editing and translation. What makes the Editorial Team of Enago the best in their industry?

  • Peer reviewers with extensive editing experience
  • Published authors in international journals
  • 19.4+ years of editing experience (average)
  • Native editors from UK, USA, Australia

Learn more about Enago here.

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Important Forms

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Manuscript Templates

Manuscript templates are provided to ease both manuscript preparation for authors and the peer-reviewing process for referees. Although it is not compulsory, you are strongly encouraged to use manuscript templates. By doing so you will be able to insert and arrange figures, schemes, and tables within the text. Slight deviations compared to the final layout may occur during the in-house production process, but the print preview of the manuscript template provides a very close representation of the final published document.




Organic Materials

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