Organic Materials

How the Peer Review works

Once the authors submit the manuscript, the editorial office checks the manuscript and the associated files to ensure that formal requirements are met and that no plagiarism is present in the document. If the manuscript can be processed further, the editorial office forwards the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief. The manuscripts that are forwarded are either handled directly by the Editor-in-Chief or are forwarded to an associate editor and, in both cases, if the manuscript is considered for further processing, the reviewing process will be initiated. The editors invite potential reviewers to evaluate the scientific quality of the manuscript. The reviewers who agree to review the manuscript write a report and submit it to the responsible editor through their reviewing center in ScholarOne (in average three reports are sought). The editor in charge of the manuscript then takes the decision and communicates it to the author. If major or minor revisions are needed, the evaluation and reviewing processes become interactive and might involve multiple rounds of consultation and reviewing. Once this process is finished, the editor takes the final decision which can lead to the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.

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