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Accounts and Rapid Communications in Chemical Synthesis

SYNLETT is an international, single-anonymized peer-reviewed journal reporting research results and current trends in chemical synthesis in short personalized reviews and preliminary communications. It covers all fields of scientific endeavor that involve organic synthesis, including catalysis, organometallic, medicinal, biological, and photochemistry, but also related disciplines and offers the possibility to publish scientific primary data.

Impact Factor 2023: 1.7
Besides quality and data security, speed is of high importance in publishing research results. That’s why SYNLETT offers Select Crowd Review (SCR) as an additional option to traditional peer review. Opting for SCR, you will receive reviews within 4 days which is less than half of the duration of traditional peer review. On average, the reviews consist of 20–70 comments per paper submitted by up to 16 reviewers. The entire publication process using SCR takes ~22 days compared to ~34 days using traditional peer review.
For crowd reviewing, we are constantly looking for new highly motivated crowd members.
Please contact if you want to learn more about Select Crowd Review or send your CV if you are interested in joining.

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SYNLETT Editor-in-Chief Benjamin List speaks about the advantages of publishing in SYNLETT and about the impact the journal had on his own career.

The following special features and article types are published in SYNLETT:


  • Accounts
    are personalized reviews about important recent work of individual research groups. If you would like to contribute with an Account, please contact Prof. Debabratra Maiti first as those articles are normally invited.


  • Synpacts Articles
    are short personalized articles featuring breakthroughs by young authors in 'hot' areas, within the general context of the field. If you would like to contribute a Synpacts article, please contact Prof. Rubén Martín.


  • Clusters
    are collections of letters on rapidly evolving topics in designated areas of research.


  • Letters
    are preliminary reports of new research results whose significance to the scientific community justifies rapid communication.


  • New Tools
    are reviews or primary research articles of conceptual methodological or technical developments in areas of synthetic strategy giving innovative and practical support for the synthetic chemist in the laboratory. If you would like to contribute with a New Tools article, please contact the Editorial Office first with your proposal.


    is also available as part of  the online edition of SYNLETT via Thieme E-Journals. More information can be found here.


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SYNLETT is abstracted and indexed in the most important databases: EBSCO, ProQuest, Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences, Chemical Abstracts, Science Citation Index, Research Alert, Scisearch, Index Chemicus, Chemistry Citation Index, Current Chemical Reactions, Reaction Citation Index, Scopus, Embase, and Biological Abstracts.

All SYNLETT articles are also available in the Researcher App.


The complete archive of SYNLETT is accessible through the Thieme E-Journals platform. It provides direct access to the full text of documents published from 1989 to the present day.


Summarized information on SYNLETT can also be found in the Imprint


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