Thieme partners with Cassyni to engage chemists with AI enhanced Cheminar events

Thieme is partnering with Cassyni to enhance “Thieme Cheminars”, a series of live online seminars for the chemistry community. Cassyni offers several quality features that will make the series of mini-symposia more interesting and discoverable. Central to the partnership is a shared mission of building a rich interactive online experience for the research community.

Events will be hosted by editorial members from the Thieme portfolio of chemistry journals and the reference work Science of Synthesis, introducing talks presented by Thieme authors of papers judged to be particularly outstanding. Cheminar events are free to attend and cover topics at the forefront of chemical research of interest to scientists both in academia and industry.

A library of past WebCheminar recordings will be enhanced using Cassyni’s semantic video technology and will be available to watch on demand via Cassyni’s smart video player. Cheminar recordings will be augmented with AI outlines which highlight key moments within the recordings as well as clickable links to Thieme content referenced within talks. Each recording will be assigned a DOI for enhanced discovery through Cassyni’s integrations into the wider scholarly ecosystem.

"Since 2022, we successfully organize our Cheminar series of mini-symposia on selected topics in organic chemistry. To date, 21 WebCheminars have been delivered with renowned experts in their field. We are very excited to enhance our established WebCheminar series with the unique and innovative service that Cassyni provides. Cassyni’s streamlined workflow tools will significantly reduce the time taken to organise and publicise our online events”, says Kathleen Too, Senior Vice President, Thieme Chemistry.

Researchers will also have the opportunity to join the Thieme Cheminar community, which brings together authors, readers and editors of chemistry journals by Thieme. Community members will be notified of future events and can participate in exclusive Q&A discussions with authors for a period after the live events are over. Additionally, community members will also be invited to submit articles to Thieme’s portfolio of chemistry journals and upcoming special issues.

Cassyni Co-founder, Ben Kaube said: “We’re looking forward to working with Thieme and taking their seminar offering to the next level. Cassyni series have been proven to boost researcher engagement with articles, recruit new authors and engage existing authors by providing research video in a convenient and accessible format.”

The first event will be held on the Cassyni platform on 27th of March, 2024 where esteemed authors from across the globe will be discussing Natural Product and Biomimetic Synthesis.

Learn more about the Thieme Cheminar community and register for upcoming events at cassyni.com/s/thieme-cheminars


About Cassyni

 Cassyni was launched in 2021 by the former founders of Mendeley, Publons and Kopernio. Our vision is to create a vibrant and connected ecosystem that enables millions of online and hybrid research seminars; helping academics, institutions and journals grow their reach and maximise their impact.

To achieve this we have developed a next-generation workflow platform for seminar organisers, and are building the world's largest freely accessible and fully searchable research seminar library. Cassyni works with Springer Nature, Elsevier, The Royal Society and other publishers, helping journals to build online communities around research topics.

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